The Investment

Livable Pro Software Pricing

Livable’s scalable pricing helps you recover utility costs from Residents for healthier NOI, no matter how many units you own.

Livable Pro Features

Livable works without installing costly hardware. It’s customizable to allow for occupancy, common area amenities, in-unit amenities, goodwill deductions and more. Dedicated portals for Managers and Residents let everyone work easily within the app – no paper required!

With the ability to allocate by occupancy, square foot or unit; charge for in-unit amenities and/or custom one-time or recurring fees; upload utility bills and set utility caps; Livable Pro lets you structure fees to best suit your needs.

Livable Pro lets you create statements, send payment reminders, charge and collect late fees, pass admin charges to residents, post & collect payment directly from residents with ease.

Residents can use Auto-Pay and take advantage of Self-Serve Billing.

Through Livable Pro’s Property Manager portal, you can access accounts receivable reports and the reimbursement dashboard as well as process final statement estimates.

Our internal resource library gives you access to the most up-to-date legal forms, leases and addenda for your state.

Livable Pro

Flexible fee/charge definitions and management in the system.

Simple and fast statement and payment processing.

Residents have access to, Tennant Connect, the easy-to-use resident portal.

Robust reporting for managers and owners.

Access to legal and process documentation.

$ 7/month/unit

Volume discounts available.

Does your building have rent control? Not a problem! But we do ask that you contact us for special pricing.

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