Ratio Utility Billing System

Whether your property has multiple units varying in size, retail space, and/or common areas, we can customize allocation factors and billing frequency for your unique property and issue fair and accurate billing to each Livable tenant.

Our system can track, analyze, and bill back for the following services:











Enhance Your Offerings:

Stand out in the market by providing an innovative billing solution.

Give our platform a test-drive, then follow the steps to activate more savings on more units.

Step 1

Enroll Your Building

Provide Livable with a full occupancy list for your building and we’ll provide you with a Livable RUBS Addendum for your tenants to sign.

Step 2

Invite Tenants To Sign Up

After tenants sign up and agree to pay their portion of the bill, send us a signed Livable RUBS Addendum and we’ll shift the responsibility to the tenants.

Step 3

Sync Or Send Us Your Bill

We can download utility bills on your behalf, or simply send Livable your monthly utility bills in time for the next cycle and let us take care of the rest.

Step 4

Livable Allocates Utilities And Bills Tenants

Based on your particular property’s customized utility allocation factors, we divide the costs fairly and accurately for each registered tenant.

Step 5

Tenants Pay Online

Once invoices are sent to your tenants, they can pay their bills online through our convenient and paperless Resident Connect Portal.

Step 6

You Get A Monthly Check

We create and share a monthly Recovery Statement summarizing funds collected and distributed and you receive a monthly check/direct deposit for your property’s utilities.

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